Mexican Marketplace

A-Frame Sign-"Mariachi Band Tonight"  $11.25  Out of Stock

Armadillo-Metal   1"  $2.25  Special $1.50

Basket W/Handle-Wicker   35 Cents

Bowling Set   $1.50
OK, so you ask "Has she lost her mind?"  What is a bowling set doing listed
with the Mexican Items?"  We'll, if you turn the bowling pins upside
down and paint them bright colors, they make maracas...but they will be noiseless!

1 " Ceramic Cactus $3.50  Temp. Out of Stock
1 1/2" Metal Cactus  $1.50
1" Metal Cactus S/2 $3.50  Special $2.00
Flowering Cactus Pot $3.00
The ultimate accessory with Rosita's or Little Town of Bethlehem.
Cactus Gardens  $10.50  Out of Stock
A round pot holding a variety of cactus plants....styles vary, but some plants have flowers and some of the pots have tiny geckos crawling on them!  1 1/2" Tall.
Really a cute newly added miniature item!
Hens & Chicks in Strawberry Pot  $8.50  Out of Stock

Wood "Wing" Type Chair With Southwest Print Fabric  $3.25

Chihuahua   3/4" Brown Resin  $2.25

Chimania   $4.25

Cow Horns  Metal  $3.25

Cow Skull-White Porcelain   $3.00

Cow Skull With Wagon Wheel-Small $1.25

Gecko  1" Long  Green   $0.25

Guitar-Metal  $2.75

Mariachi Band-Resin   Set of 3   $12.00

  Mexican Flag   35 Cents

Mexican Set Set of 3-Plastic   $2.00
The PERFECT Lawn accessory!!!!!! Contains a Burro, Cactus & Man Sleeping of Burro!

Mexican Toy-Bolero Wood Ball & Cup Toy   $12.00   Out of Stock


chili-i.gif (1007 bytes)Mexican Foodchili-i.gif (1007 bytes)
Copper Colander W/Many Colors of Bell Peppers  $10.25  Out of Stock
Cheese Dip W/Chips on Plate  $2.75
Chili Cooking in "Electric" Silver Restaurant Type Pot  $8.25  Out of Stock

Cloth Feedbag with Red Chili Peppers Printed on Side   $2.50
Guacamole Dip & Chips on Plate  $2.75
Jug With "XXX" On Side  $3.00
Jug With "Whiskey" On Side  $3.25
Margarita In Glass W/Salted Rim  $3.25
Nachos In White Paper Tray  $4.75  Out of Stock

Green Hanging Strand of Peppers  $6.25
Jalapeno Peppers in Wire Basket  $2.50
Red Chili Peppers In Wire Basket  $2.50
Red Hanging Strand of Peppers  $6.25
Red Hanging Strand of Peppers-Small  $8.25
Red Hanging Strand of Peppers-Tiny  $4.25
Yellow Hanging Strand of Peppers-Tiny  $4.25

Pinata Bat   50 Cents

Pinata-Fuzzy Animals   35 Cents Each
Bear or Dinosaur

Of course, they DO serve fresh salsa!
Banana Pepper Plant  $6.00  Out of Stock
Red Pepper Plant  $6.00  Out of Stock
Tomato Plant  $7.25  Out of Stock
Salsa In Crock With Lid  $8.25
Tabasco Jar  3/4" Metal  $2.25
Tacos  Set of 2  $4.75
Tacos On Plate  $5.25

Taco Salad  $9.25
They even have shredded lettuce & cheese on top with sour cream!


Quilt Rack With Southwestern Print Fabric  $3.50

Roadrunner  1" Metal  $2.25

Sandals  Woven bright colors!  Tiny!  $2.25

Shopping Bag  1" Bright Orange  "Rosita's Mexican Marketplace"  $1.25

Small Sombrero  All Natural Color  $2.00
Special   $1.50
Small Sombrero  Natural & Bright Color  $0.75

Terra Cotta Fountain   3 Tier  $10.50
Must be glued together....VERY easy!  And VERY WONDERFUL!

Terra Cotta Hanging Ivy Pot  $2.75  Out of Stock

Terra Cotta Pot With Blue Painting  $4.00

Terra Cotta Rectangle Table  $4.75  Out of Stock

Terra Cotta Rectangle Table Bench  $2.25  Out of Stock

Tissue Flowers in a Terra Cotta Pot  $20.00  Out of Stock  :(

Wagon Wheel W/Skull  Metal   $1.25


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