These two items are sure to make the Village Grocer a hit,
or the Fruit Monger a big success!

Animal Crackers Box  1/2"  $2.50  Special $1.50

Apple Core  $1.25
A tiny white & red apple core with a brown stem is sure to be noticed if

placed on a street or sidewalk in your village.
Apple With Bite Missing  $1.25  Out of Stock
Half Barrel (Wood) of Apples  $4.25  Out of Stock
Wood Barrel Of Apples $1.75

Apples 5 Cents Sign on Top
Wicker Basket of Apples  $4.00
These items may be used outside any Village Market, with the Fruit Monger or any of the baskets

may be placed under a green tree to look as though the apples were just picked off the tree!

Bag of Flour-Resin 1"  $0.50

Bag of Sugar-Paper   3/4"    $1.25  Out of Stock

Bakery Items on Shelf-Resin    $4.25

Bread &  Milk Basket (Resin) $1.75
Contains a loaf of bread, bottle of milk and a knife. Perfect outside any Bakery or Cafe!

Carrots in Wicker Basket $4.25
Works nicely with any Market Setting or near the Reindeer Corral!!!!

Flour & Rolling Pin Basket (Resin) $1.25  Out of Stock
The above item would be appreciated by any baker or restaurant owner in your village!

Fruit in Wicker Basket (Flat Round Basket)  $3.50
Mixed Fruit in Handled Wicker Basket  $3.25

Mixed Vegetables in Wicker Basket  $4.00
These two items are sure to make the Village Grocer a hit, or the Fruit Monger a big success!
Picnic Basket-Wicker  $2.50  Out of Stock
These items will make your lodge or picnic scenes complete....don't forget to supply one for the Marshmallow Roast.

BBQ Basting Brush-Metal  1"   $1.00
BBQ Grill-Round Black Metal  1 1/2"   $3.00
BBQ Grill-Gas Grill-Plastic  2 1/2"   $3.25  Out of Stock
BBQ Sauce-Metal  1" Bottle   $1.75
BBQ Utensils  S/3 Metal 1"   $2.25
Kingsford Charcoal  2" Paper Bag-Empty   $4.75
Lighter Fluid 1" Metal can   $6.25

Buns In Plastic Package-Hamburger (8) 1"   $5.25  Out of Stock
Buns In Plastic Package-Hot Dog (8) 1"  $5.25  Out of Stock
Croissant-Plastic  1/4"   $0.25
Cross Bun-Plastic  1/4"    $0.25
French Bread-2 Loafs    $1.00
French Bread in Wicker Basket   $2.75 Out of Stock
Loaf of Bread in Blue Checked Cloth   $2.50
Loaf of Bread-Paper Container (Empty)   $2.75
Rolls in Basket-Resin    $1.50
Rolls in Flat Wicker Basket   $3.25
Rolls in Wicker Basket   $2.00  Out of Stock


Cake W/Cherries On Top-Resin   $1.25
Cake W/Chocolate Icing-Resin   $1.00  Out of Stock
Cake W/Strawberries On Top-Resin  $1.00
Jelly Roll-Chocolate Resin   $1.50
Rectangular Cake W/Red Topping-Resin   $1.25


These items are quickly becoming some of my fastest selling items. Tiny village scale candies to be used with any of the villages or especially in North Pole....what Child doesn't love candy?
All of the bags of candy contain tiny pieces of candy that look especially nice when glued or tackey waxed to the top of a resin barrel or placed inside the Red Metal Wagon.
The Lollipops, Apples or Stick Candy may be scattered around here & there throughout a village setting or placed in a child's hand. The Wood Box of  "Penny Candy" is able to stand alone outside any
Candy Shop or place several barrels piled with candies around also! Sure to be a hit with all village displays!

Catsup Bottle-Heinze   $2.75

Cheese & Crackers on Plate   $10.25  Out of Stock

Cheese Box-Velvetta (Empty)  1 1/2" Long X 1/2" Tall   $2.25  Out of Stock

Cheese Packages on Round Tray   $1.50

Cheese Wedge-Tiny   $0.25

Chinese Take Out Container-Paper 1/2"  $2.25

Coffee/Sugar   Set/2   $3.50
Coffee bag on Red Metal Cart  2"   $1.50
Flour Bag on Red Metal Cart  2"   $1.50
Gold Medal Flour Bag  1 1/2"   $1.25
Set of 6 Cloth Bags    $3.75
Sugar Bag on Red Metal Cart  2"   $1.50

A-1 Steak Sauce 1"   $2.25  Out of Stock
BBQ Sauce Bottle-Metal  1"   $1.25
Catsup Bottle-Heinz  3/4"   $2.50
Catsup Squeeze Dispenser   $1.75
Condiment Squeeze Bottles-S/2  3/4"  $2.00
La Choy Soy Sauce Bottle  1"  $2.25
Mustard Jar   $2.25
Mustard Squeeze Dispenser   $1.75
Miracle Whip Jar  1"   $2.25  Out of Stock
Napkin Dispenser   $2.50
Salt Shaker & Pepper Mill-Metal    $3.25
Straw Box-Paper  1"   $2.25
Tabasco Bottle  1"   $2.25

Cookie Jar W/Cookies $4.25

cookie.gif (1478 bytes)       cookie.gif (1478 bytes)       cookie.gif (1478 bytes)
Cookie Sheets W/Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.75  Special Price  $2.00
Christmas Tree Cut-Out Cookies $3.50
Gingerbread Men $3.25
Heart Shaped Cut-Out Cookies $2.75
Snowman Cut-Out Cookies $3.50
Sugar Cookies W/Red/Green Sprinkles $2.75

Cookie Prep on Wood Board   $3.00

Corn Drying on Hanging Rack   $6.25

Cotton Candy Pink $1.75

Crackers In Wood Barrel $3.50

Cranberries In Basket-Metal   $1.25

Apples in Wood Crate $4.00
Carrots in Wood Crate $4.00
Corn in Wood Crate $4.00
Oranges in Wood Crate  $4.50
Potatoes in Wood Crate   $3.75
2" Wood crates containing fruits & vegetables are very popular when used on an inverted oval metal Washtub next to the Fruit Monger.
All Wood Crates except the Orange Crate contain a price sign. Don't forget to add an Orange Crate beside Santa's Sleigh so he can fill the stockings!

Please visit the above link for a complete listing of our Bakery Items  :)

Cupcakes $0.85  Out of Stock
Tiny village scale cupcakes iced in your choice of Vanilla, Chocolate or
Strawberry....all contain a cherry on top!

Donuts $0.85
Tiny village scale cupcakes iced in your choice of Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry....perfect when used with the new SV Police Station with the attached Donut Shop, any of the Bakeries or with the new Starbuck's Coffee Cart!

Long John $0.85
This popular chocolate iced pastry is cream filled and sure to be a hit when
used with any Bakery or Cafe in any village setting.

Rolls In A Wicker Basket $3.00

Turnovers $0.85
A tiny triangular turnover pastry with your choice of Apple, Cherry or Blueberry
filling! Sure to make your Village Baker an instant success!

Egg-Broken  $1.75
Really cute when placed next to any Bakery or Cooking Scene!!!!!

Eggs In Tray-Metal   $4.25

French Fries In A White Paper Tray $4.25  Out of Stock
Hamburger W/French Fries In White Paper Tray  $4.25  Out of Stock
Hamburger & Soda In Bottle On Metal Tray  $4.25
Hot Dog Metal 1/2"  $2.25
Hot Dog Buns in Cellophane Package W/Label  $5.25 Out of Stock
Hot Dog on Roasting Fork  $1.50
Hot Dogs in a White Butcher's Meat Tray  $4.00  Out of Stock
"Weiners" ready to be cooked by the Hot Dog Vendor or your favorite outdoor Chef.
Perfect accessory to use with the Marshmallow Roast Accessory!

Hot Dogs Wrapped in Cellophane Package W/Label  $5.25 Out of Stock
Hot Dog With French Fries  $4.00 Out of Stock
Hot Dog With Onion Rings $4.00 Out of Stock
These items are very popular to use with the Hot Dog Vendor and with Cafes & Restaurants thruout any village setting.
The Hot dogs are on a bun with the side of your choice in a tiny white cardboard tray....Perfect when used with your favorite Drive In or Restaurant.


Crabs In Pot W/Liquid................................. $8.75 Out of Stock
-White Metal  ½”........................... $0.75
  Lobster In Small Pot & Liquid......................... $5.25 Out of Stock
  Sardine Can W/Tab-empty  Silver Metal..... $1.50
  Seafood Feast On Platter W/Lemons........ $10.25 Out of Stock


xmasice.gif (9907 bytes)
Please visit the above link for a complete listing of our Ice Items  :)
"ICE" Bag $1.25
Tiny plastic bag of ice pieces with "Ice" on the side....cute when used with
either of the Ice Chest sold under General Merchandise.
Small Bits of Ice $2.00
3 Ounces of small ice bits to use in a washtub or scattered about in your North Pole scenes....


Banana Split  1 1/2" Long   $4.25  Out of Stock
Dispenser for Hot Fudge-Silver   $2.75
Eskimo Pie Box  1"   $1.50
  Ice Cream Bar
$0.85 Each
A chocolate Paddle Pop with a bite missing! Cute when placed in the hand of
a village child or placed on the ground as if a child dropped it there...
don't forget to add a dog or cat taking advantage of this situation!

Ice Cream Carton-Round W/Removable Lid-Metal  $3.75

Ice Cream Carton-Paper Round  Does Not Open   $2.00

Ice Cream Cone Box W/Unfilled Cones-Comet Flat Bottom Cones  $3.50

Ice Cream Cone Box W/Unfilled Cones-Sugar Cones W/Pointed Cones   $3.50

Ice Cream Cone Holder   $2.00

Ice Cream Cones $0.85 Each
Tiny scoops of ice cream in dark sugar cones in your choice of the following "flavors": Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry.
Make a nice addition to the Snow Cone Elf Accessory or with any Cafe or Park scene.

Ice Cream Cones-Swirled   Set/2 Vanilla   $3.75

Ice Cream Cones-Swirled  Set/4 Assorted Colors   $4.00

This tiny orange popsicle is sure to be a big hit whenever used in a child's hand
or dropped on the ground....don't forget to add a hungry dog
or cat nearby! Really a cute and bright accessory!


   Beer Can-Coors   $0.50
   Beer Keg-Metal  1 ½”           $3.00
   Budweiser Beer Bottle  1”     $2.50
   Budweiser Beer Box 1”         $1.75
   Coors Beer Box 1”                $1.75
   Coors Lite Beer Box 1”         $1.75
   Corona Lite Beer Bottle        $2.50
   Lite Beer Box  1”   $1.75
   Natural Lite Beer Box  1”      $1.75
   Meister Brau Beer Box  1”    $1.75

 Champagne/Wine Bottle
  ½” Plastic       $0.60

  Drink wares
   Coffee Cups & Stand-Blue   $1.75
   Coffee Cups & Stand-Red   $1.75
   Coffee Pot-Blue Metal  ½”    0.75
   Coffee Pot & 4 Cups-Blue Spatterware     $2.25
   Coffee Pot “Pewter” Ύ”         $1.25
   Coffee Urn  2” Silver             $5.50
   Copper Tea Kettle                $2.75
   Red Spatterware Tea Kettle               $2.25

  Drink Dispensers

   Hires Root Beer   $4.25
   Lemonade Dispenser           $4.75
   Limeade Dispenser              $4.75
   Orange Crush Dispenser     $4.75
   Soda Dispenser  Metal 1 ½” $4.50

  Drink Mixer (Malt Type)  1 ½”                $3.75

  Thermos-Plaid 1 ½” W/Red “Cup”         $2.25

  Ice Chips (Loose)  $0.75
  Ice In Bag  1”         $1.25

  Ice Chests
   Coleman Ice Chest  Ύ” Wood              $2.75
   Playmate Ice Chest-Wood ½”               $2.25
   Red Ice Chest W/White Handles-Wood Ύ”               $3.00
   Water Cooler-Orange Athletic Type     $2.75
  Ice Scoop-Silver Metal ½”      $1.00

  Kool Aid Packets (2) & Glasses            $5.25

     Jack Daniels Bottle  2”        $2.50
   El Toro Tequila  1”             $2.75
   Jose Cuervo Tequila  1”    $2.75

     Wine Decanter-Glass 1” W/Topper    $5.50

  Lemonade In Glasses  S/2    $3..25

   Milk Bottle-Square ½ Gallon Type  1”   $1.25
   Milk Bottle-Wood 1”              $0.25
   Milk Can  1 ½” Silver Metal   $1.25
   Milk Crate-Resin 1”               $1.25
   Milk Bottle, Eggs & Butter            $6.75

  Orange Crush In Liter Bottle $2.40

Silver Coffee Service W/Tray            $3.00

Soda Carrier-Metal 1 ½”       $4.75

  Soda Cups

   7 Up Cup-Empty  $0.50
   “Soda” Cup-Empty                $0.50
   Dr. Pepper Cup-Empty        $0.50
   Pepsi Paper Cups  S/4         $3.25
  Soda Bottle ½”       $0.50
  Soda Bottles & Ice in Washtub    $4.50

Soda Boxes  1” x 1 ½” Paper
   7 Up     $1.50
   A & W Root Beer  $1.50
   Capri Sun Box      $1.50
   Diet Pepsi Box      $1.50
   Dr. Pepper Box    $1.50
   Mountain Dew Box               $1.50
   Pepsi Box             $1.50

  Soda Can  ½”        $0.50

Soda Cases
   Plastic Case W/12 Bottles     $2.25
   Red Wood W/12 Bottles       $4.50
   Yellow Wood W/12 Bottl
es   $4.25

  Straw Box 1” Paper              $2.25

  Water Cooler W/Spigot-Orange Athletic Type      $2.75

Marshmallows in a Bag  $2.50 Out of Stock
Marshmallow on a Roasting Fork  $1.75
Both of these items are perfect when used with a campfire or camping scene.

Melons In A Wood Crate   $2.00

Gold Apples In Mesh Bag $3.75
Grapefruits In A Mesh Bag $3.75
Onions In A Mesh Bag $3.75
Oranges In A Mesh Bag  $3.75
Potatoes In A Mesh Bag  $3.75
Red Apples In A Mesh Bag  $3.75
Tiny pieces of fruits & vegetables in a closed mesh bag...perfect for any Food Service operation!

chili-i.gif (1007 bytes)Mexican Foodchili-i.gif (1007 bytes)
Avacados in Open Burlap Bag-Resin  1"   $1.00
Copper Colander W/Many Colors of Bell Peppers

Chili Cooking in "Electric" Silver Restaurant Type Pot  $8.25

Cheese Dip W/Chips On Plate 
Guacamole Dip W/Chips On Plate  $2.75
Salsa W/Chips On Plate   $2.75
Salsa W/Chips On Platter   $18.25

Jug With "XXX" On Side  $3.00
Jug With "Whiskey" On Side  $3.25
Margarita In Glass W/Salted Rim  $3.25
Tequila-El Toro    $2.75
Tequila-Jose Cuervo   $2.75

Nachos In White Paper Tray  $4.75

Cloth Feedbag with Red Chili Peppers Printed on Side   $2.50
Green Hanging Strand of Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers in Wire Basket  $2.50
Red Chili Peppers In Wire Basket  $2.50
Red Hanging Strand of Peppers  $6.25
Red Hanging Strand of Peppers-Small  $8.25
Red Hanging Strand of Peppers-Tiny  $4.25
Yellow Hanging Strand of Peppers-Tiny  $4.25

Of course, they DO serve fresh salsa!
Banana Pepper Plant  $6.00
Red Pepper Plant  $6.00
Tomato Plant  $7.25

Salsa In Crock With Lid  $8.25

Tabasco Jar
  3/4" Metal  $2.25

  Set of 2  $4.75
Tacos On Plate  $5.25

Taco Salad  $9.25
Complete with shredded lettuce, cheese & sour cream on top!

A 1" wood barrel piled high with green pickles!

A cardboard pizza box for use with any Italian Eatery....comes with 4 red & white checked napkins!

A 2" tall cloth open cloth bag with several brown potatoes piled on top. Perfect for Market Settings!

TWO PUMPKINS WITH HAY STALK (Sold only in set) $2.25
These bright accessories are sure to add a touch of color to any village setting. Perfect when used outside a market or in the marketplace. Also a nice touch is when an assortment of the above items are placed on a piece of Sphagnam moss with the Pumpkin Patch Sign (sold under General Items).

Red Plastic Case
W/12 Bottles   $3.00
Red Wooden Crate W/12 soda bottles   $4.50
Yellow Wooden Crate W/12 Soda Bottles   $4.25

Slice Of Watermelon-Resin $1.00
Watermelon W/Slice Missing   $1.00
Both make nice additions to a Washtub Filled With Ice in a Lodge or Pier display!


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