Candy Shoppe
These items are quickly becoming some of my fastest selling items. Tiny village scale candies to be used with any of the villages or especially in North Pole....what Child doesn't love candy?
All of the bags of candy contain tiny pieces of candy that look especially nice when glued or tacky waxed to the top of a resin barrel or placed inside the Red Metal Wagon.
The Lollipops, Apples or Stick Candy may be scattered around here & there throughout a village setting or placed in a child's hand


Bags of Candy
Caramel Candy W/Cream Centers   $2.50
Christmas Candy   $2.50
Circus Peanuts  $3.25
Fruit Slices  $2.25
Gummy Bears  $3.25
Jelly Beans  $2.50
Malted Milk Balls (Bag)    $2.50
Neapolitan Candy (Pink/Brown & White Striped)  $2.50
Nugget Type Candy  $2.25
White with Red & Green chunks inside
Peppermints-Red & Green  $2.50
Peppermints-Red & White Starlight Mints  $2.50
Ribbon Candy Set of 10  $5.25
Spiral Candy-Green  $2.25
Spiral Candy-Red  $2.25
These tiny individual candy pieces look wonderful when placed in an empty Candy Jar (sold below)
or placed on top of a wood or resin barrel (use a glob of hot glue & dip into the
candy to look like the barrel is full of candy!)

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Boxes of Candy
Box of Candy Canes    $4.25
Box of Marshmallow Chicks (Peeps)  $3.25


Candy Apples
Red Candy Apple    $1.00 Each
Taffy Apple    $1.00 Each
Tray of Red Candy Apples   $3.25
Tray of Red Candy Apples W/Nuts  $3.75
The apples on the trays are easily separated (some come apart during shipping) and
are wonderful placed in the hands of children!

Candy Bars
Almond Joy  $1.25
Hershey Set (S/4)  $2.57
(Set contains 2Hershey Bars, Mr. Goodbar, & Krackel) 
  Reeses  $1.50

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Candy Canes 7/8"  Set of 12  $0.50
Candy Canes 1 1/4"  Set of 12  $0.25
Candy Canes 3"  Set of 12  $1.00

Santa Candy Wand W/Gumballs  $8.25
Skeleton Candy Wand W/Candy  $8.25
You see these at your local Grocer & Discount Store!  Large clear tubes filled
with candy topped with a plastic figure!  These are tiny enough to place in
a child's hand!

Jar for Candy-Empty   $2.00

Jar of Candy  $2.25
Jar of Lollipops    $2.50

Jar of Stick Candy    $3.50
Santa Jar With Candy   $5.00
Teddy Bear Jar With Candy   $6.00

Chocolate Statue of Liberty  $3.75
July 4th Suckers  $2.75


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Jar of Lollipops   $2.50
"Kurly-Q" Swirl Lollipops  S/3  $3.25
Round Disk Stand W/Lollipops  $3.25
Set of Six Single Lollipops   $2.50
Stand for Lollipops (1 1/2" Wood)  $4.00
Cellophane Strip of Lollipops-Multicolored    $4.00
Cellophane Strip of Red & Green Lollipops   $4.00

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M & M Bags
Peanut  1 1/4" Long   $2.75
Plain   1 1/4" Long   $2.75

Penny Candy in Wood Display Box    $12.25

Russell Stover Candy Box  1"     $2.50

Scale W/Candy   $4.25

Stick Candy (Set/10)   $4.25

Stick Candy in Jars Display  $30.00

Tin of Christmas Candy    $10.00


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