barberpole.gif (7221 bytes)   Barber, Beauty Shoppe & Spa Supplies

These items look great when placed on a display shelf outside your local barber shop.

Remember....if you take some white or colored lint from your dryer and place it under and around the Barber Chair
...looks like someone
just got a "cut" at the Beard Barber or the Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!


Cabinet W/Mirror & 3 Drawers  $5.25
Wood & Drawers Open!!!! (To be filled with all Hair Care Needs)

Chair for Barber/Beauty Shop  2" Metal  $13.00
Your choice;  Red or Black

Barber Shears-Metal  $1.00

Brut After Shave  1/2" Metal   $2.25

Colgate Shaving Soap Box  1/2"   $2.00

Comb-Black Metal  1/2"   $1.50

Display Shelf (Step Type)  Wood 1"  $1.00

Hair Dryer-Red 1/2"  $0.75

Hair Dryer-White 1/2"  $1.35

Mennen Skin Bracer  1/2"   $1.75

Mirror-Round Table Top Type on Brass Stand  $1.00

Mirror-Oval Floor Type on Brass Stand   $4.50

Nail File-Silver Metal   50 Cents is small but very noticeable when placed on a table!

Nail Polish Bottle   75 Cents

Old Spice Talc  1/2" $2.25

Safety Razor 1/2"  $1.50

Scissors-Silver 1/2" Long   85 Cents

Shaving Cream Can 1/2"  $2.25

Shaving Set-Mug, Brush & Straight Razor  $1.25

Shoe Shine Box-1" Metal  $4.50

Shoe Shine Kit W/Spot for Shoe   1" Metal  $7.50

Spittoon  1/2" Brass   $2.50

Straight Razor  $1.75 



Bathtub-Silver Oval Metal   $3.25

Shelf W/Spa Items  $2.25

Soap In Basket (Resin)  $1.25

Wicker Basket of White Rolled Spa Towels  $2.50

Towels on Rack W/Brush & Rubber Duckie  $3.25


     Bathroom Type     $1.00
     Doctor’s Office Type (Standing)     $3.25

   Stair Climber.     $3.25 Out of Stock
  Stationery Bike     $3.25 Out of Stock

   Treadmill     $3.25 Out of Stock


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