Ice Cream Accessories
Ice Cream Cone Holder  $1.00
Ice Cream Freezer-Wood & Metal  $3.00
Ice Cream Scoop-Metal  $1.25
Yep.....and it is small enough to place in an Elf's Hand!
Ice Cream Sundae Bowl-Empty  Metal   75 Cents
Malt Mixer-Green & Silver Metal  $3.75

Ice Cream Bar $0.85 Each
A chocolate Paddle Pop with a bite missing! Cute when placed in the hand of
a village child or placed on the ground as if a child dropped it there...
don't forget to add a dog or cat taking advantage of this situation!

Eskimo Pie Box  $1.50

Fruit Icees In Sherbert Glasses W/Spoons On Silver Tray  $20.00  Unavailable

Open Ice Cream Boxes W/Scoop & Ice Cream Half Gone
Chocolate Ice Cream  $3.75
Strawberry Ice Cream  $3.75
Vanilla Ice Cream  $3.75

Ice Cream Cartons
Breyer's Round Ice Cream Carton  $1.50
Carnation Round Ice Cream Carton  $1.50 Out of Stock

Ice Cream Carton-Round Metal  $3.75
Removable top reveals Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cones & Boxes
Flat Bottom Cones (Comet) & Box  $3.75
Pointed Sugar Cones & Box  $3.75

Ice Cream Cone Clown  $6.25 Out of Stock

Ice Cream Cones $0.85 Each
Chocolate  $0.85
Strawberry  $0.85
Vanilla  $0.85
Tiny scoops of ice cream in dark sugar cones in your choice of "flavors"
Make a nice addition to the Snow Cone Elf Accessory or with any Cafe or Park scene.

Ice Cream Cone-Double Scoop  $1.25

Ice Cream Softy Cones-Set of 2  $3.75

Pom Poms to use as dropped scoops  Set of 100  $0.99

Popsicle-Blue  $1.25
Popsicle-Orange $2.25
These tiny popsicles are sure to be a big hit whenever used in a child's hand
or dropped on the ground....don't forget to add a hungry dog
or cat nearby! Really a cute and bright accessory!

Popsicles  Set of 4  $7.75 Unavailable

Popsicle Box  $3.00


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