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Add color to your village settings with these natural beauties! The scale or these items will work well with any of the Dept. 56 Village pieces.

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1 " Ceramic Cactus $3.50
1 1/2" Metal Cactus  $1.50
1" Metal Cactus S/2 $3.50  Special $2.00
Flowering Cactus Pot $4.25
The ultimate accessory with Rosita's or Little Town of Bethlehem.
Cactus Gardens  $10.50
A round pot holding a variety of cactus plants....styles vary, but some plants have flowers and some of the pots have tiny geckos crawling on them!  1 1/2" Tall.
Really a cute newly added miniature item!
Christmas Cactus   1" X 2 1/2"   $6.50
Hens & Chicks in Strawberry Pot  $8.50

Set of 2 Cat Tails  $1.25
Dozen Cat Tails $6.75
  Special $5.75
Village scale cat tails to enhance your waterways

Black Eyed Susan $5.25
White $5.25
Yellow $5.25

Hand made pots of tiny daisies available in your choice of white daisies with yellow centers, yellow daisies with dark centers (Black Eyed Susans) or yellow with orange centers.
Also known as "Mums" these are wonderful when used in a fall scene.

Orange  $5.50
Pink  $5.50
Purple  $5.50
Red  $5.50
White  $5.50
Yellow  $5.50
These hand made flats of flowers look as though they just came from the Bulb & Seed Shop. They really add a splash of color to any outdoor setting.

Flowerpo.gif (277 bytes)FLOWER POTS
worm.gif (171 bytes) 1/2"  $0.25 each
  3/4" $0.25 each

1"  $0.35 each 
Plastic pots are terra cotta colored. Great for making your own accessories or for displaying our tiny loose candy pieces.

Garden Urn Flowerpots  1" White Metal  $1.25

GARDENS  $2.00   Special $1.00
2" x 3" Resin garden "planted" with 3 rows of vegetables.  These are really cute when placed outside the back door of a farm house, near a barn, outside a back door of any village house (it is also small enough to pass as an herb garden) or behind Mrs. Claus's Greenhouse!

Herbs in Box With "Herbs" Sign  $2.25  Special $0.50

Holly Plant In Pot   $4.25

Poinsettia In Foil Wrapped Pot   $2.25
Poinsettias In Foil Wrapped Pot  $4.50
This 2" red poinsettia in a foil wrapped pot is almost identical to the one used with the Poinsettia Vendor.

Resin Red Flowers In Pot  $2.25
Daffodil-White W/Orange Trumpet  $1.00
Daffodil-Yellow W/Yellow Trumpet $1.00
Daffodil-Yellow W/Orange Trumpet  $1.00
Iris Bud & Bloom-Purple $1.75
Pansy-Purple $1.00
Pansy-Yellow $1.00
Poinsettia-Red $1.50
Sunflower Stem   $1.00
Tulip-Pink $0.75
Tulip-Purple $0.75
Tulip-Yellow $0.75

S/6 Flat Top  $2.00
S/6 Pointed Top
S/5 Tiny on Wire  $2.50

Sunflowers in Watering Can-Resin   $1.75

Candy Striped 
$5.50  Special $4.50
Hot Pink   $5.50
Pink  $5.50
Purple  $5.50
Red  $5.50
White  $5.50
Yellow  $5.50
These tiny pots of tulips are handmade and are small enough to sit on a porch or be held by one of your village characters.

Topiary W/Pink Flowers & Blue Bow  $2.25  Special $1.25

Lilly Pads   Set of 2   
Set of 12  $5.00
These tiny green lilly pads are sure to be a hit when placed ontop of your water surface. Be sure to check out our frogs which sit nicely atop the two pads when glued togeather
White Full Bloom Water Lilly 
Pink Bud Water Lilly  $1.25
Pink Full Bloom Water Lilly 
Purple Half Bloom Water Lilly $1.25
These single stem waterplants will add a touch of realism to any water scene. 

Wicker Basket of Gerber Daisies-Resin  $1.75
Daffodils $8.50
Gerber Daisies $8.50
Pansies $8.50
Poppies $8.50
My most popular flower items! These tiny boxes of handmade flowers are truly beautiful. They may be used beside any building and are truly spectacular alongside Hollydale's, when displayed with the Flower Monger or outside any village residence
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